Status epilepticus

Status epilepticus is a prolonged seizure, usually defined as >30 minutes.

Over half of patients presenting with status epilepticus do not have known epilepsy.

The main acute causes in adults are:
  • stroke
  • hypoxia
  • metabolic derangement
  • alcohol intoxication or withdraw
In children, the leading cause is infection.

  • secure airway and resuscitate
  • give oxygen
  • anti-epileptics:
    • pre-hospital: diazepam 10-20mg PR or midazolam 10mg buccally
    • first line in hospital: lorazepam (or diazepam) IV
      • terminates around 75-80% of seizures
    • if benzo unsuccessful: phenytoin infusion 15-18mg/kg at a rate of 50mg/minute 
      • will terminate around 50% of resistant seizures
  • if any suggestion of alcohol abuse or impaired nutrition give 50mls of 50% glucose and/or 250mg IV thiamine
  • if status is refractory (ie not resolved 60-90 minutes after initial anti-epileptic) anaesthetise using propofol, midazolam or thiopental sodium.

Prognosis: mortality of 10-20% rising to nearly 50% in refractory status epilepticus. 

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