Erythema nodusum

Erythema nodusum, the commonest panniculitis, is characterised by painful, tender erythematous nodules most commonly located on the shins

There may be a prodomal illness of malaise, low-grade fever, cough and arthralgia prior to the appearance of nodules. 

It tends to heal without scars

Causes of erythema nodosum include: 
  • Infections 
    • Streptococcal – most commonly identifiable cause 
    • Mycoplasma 
    • Mycobacterium  (TB
    • Yersinia
    • Chlamydia 
    • Viral infections 
  • Drugs 
    • OCP 
    • Antibiotics 
    • Plus many more 
  • Other 

  • Treat underlying condition 
  • NSAIDs for pain 

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