Fitness to fly

The UK Civil Aviation Authority guidelines on fitness to fly state patients may fly:
  • 24 hours after colonoscopy/laparoscopy
  • 24 hours after application of plaster cast if flight <2 hours; 48 hours after if flight >2 hours
  • 3 days after CVA (but should ideally wait 10 days)
  • 5 days after angioplasty
  • 7 days after neurosurgery
  • 7 days after uncomplicated MI
  • 10 days after CABG 10 days after abdominal surgery
  • 14 days after resolution of pneumothorax

Pregnant women may fly:
  • Up to 36 weeks in singleton pregnancy
  • Up to 32 weeks in multiple pregnancy
Medical certificate often required by individual airline after 28 weeks.

Small print gem: intestinal gas expands by 30% at 8000 feet

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